Guest Comic by Danno

Some of you who have only read my Introspective Comics may be scratching you head at this story.  The super hero in the story is Plunger-Man, a character I used in a couple of Muscles and Fights stories (Danno inked and lettered one of them).  The farm girl at the end is from a Super Fantastica Comix story I did called “Mr. Clucky.”  So nowyou know… the rest of the story.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

This comic was made by the excellant comic talent, Danno Klonowski.  Danno has a bombastic, action-packed drawing style that makes every page a joy to read.  He has collaborated with pretty much every cartoonist in Twin Cities, including myself (We worked together on a Muscles and Frights story).  Unfortunately, very little of his work can be found on the Internet (which he will be rectifying soon), but you can find some of his comics at

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