I was tired of being a spectator.

I wanted to create something.

I wanted to create an ongoing webcomic.

There was only one thing standing in my way…

What was my comic going to be about?

Most webcomics are character based. Most webcomics (and most fictions in general) revolve around two or more characters interacting with each other. So, to create a webcomic, I would create characters. But more importantly, I would need a reason for these characters to interact, a reason for them to be even in the same room together.

That was the part I struggled with the most. I’ve noticed that as I get older I spend less and less time around other people. Life is no longer like college, where I had plenty of time to just shoot the breeze with people. My conversations with coworkers have become shorter and shorter as the workload piles higher and higher. The time I spend with people outside of work usually focuses around a class or activity that prohibits social chit-chat. In other words, I was having trouble finding reasons to interact with the other characters in my own life.

And if my comic was not going to be about character interaction, what was it going to be about?

Well, myself, of course.

Specifically, these comics are about my thoughts. They revolve around a single main character lost in a world without supporting characters. Oh sure, other people will appear in these comics, but they are more like props than supporting characters. They are things for him to react to, not interact with.

These comics are an experiment to see how may interesting comics can be made without direct character interaction.

And I called them Introspective Comics.

Then I got bored with the format.  I was tired of drawing myself thinking all the time.  So I decided to tell a story, one that would explain why I wanted to spend so much time alone.

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