I am Not Good at Writing Fiction
June 14th, 2017

I am Not Good at Writing Fiction


  1. Halpful

    One of the awesome things about Dumbing of Age is it shows characters changing – in believable ways, not shallow heel-face-turns.

    Change isn’t easy, though. It’s deeply uncomfortable, so no wonder most people avoid it when there’s any easier path. So… without conflict, would there be no change?

    I don’t like conflict either. It’s uncomfortable and scary.
    …kinda like change.

    I’m not sure what that means, I only thought of it just now 🙂 but, surely conflict can’t be the only way to have change. Exploration and learning can cause change too, in a more gentle, subtle, slower way.

    The faster the change, the more uncomfortable it is? The more resistance and conflict there is?

    Steven Universe tries to understand people, so he can help them change. Tries to help *them* understand *him*, too. He’s willing to set boundaries and fight if he has to, but he’d much rather talk people around so there doesn’t have to be direct conflict.

    Also, perfectionism hates change. It wants everything to be perfect forever from start to end, so it’s not really okay with things starting in an imperfect state and then improving. It’s really hard trying to get it to see how change can be beautiful and good, how imperfection doesn’t have to be the enemy…

  2. Halpful

    discomfort… doesn’t have to be the enemy either? but it’s *discomfort*, isn’t it inherently bad? it *feels* bad. it… it’s pretty much designed to steer the brain away from things. things that were bad for survival once. it’s worth *listening* to, but it maybe shouldn’t be running the show.

    my fear, then, is of having to have discomfort all the time and that’s horrible – but no. that’s the other extreme, it doesn’t have to be that way either. that feeling still matters, it’s not to be ignored. just… balanced. acknowledged, given a vote, but willing to yield when wisdom says it’s worthwhile. And with that balance and compassion and .. working together… it doesn’t have to hurt as much. same discomfort, less suffering, and that’s what I really want, isn’t it?

    Equanimity. 🙂

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