Too Sensitive to be Spiritual - pt 2Too Sensitive to be Spiritual - pt 2
February 1st, 2017

Too Sensitive to be Spiritual – pt 2

This is the second version I have done of “Too Sensitive to be Spiritual.” The first one is on my Patreon Page. Next week: Why am I being so critical of spirituality?


  1. fluffy

    What religions do you think this applies to? Most forms of modern Judaism have built-in self-doubt and an understanding that the Torah is a bunch of stories that have been passed down and changed over the years rather than a literal historical document. And IIRC weren’t you studying Buddhism at one point?

  2. Ryan Dow

    I’m talking more about New Age Spirtual-But-Not-Religious people. There was a time a few years ago when my life was full of people like this. I hope to clarify what I’m talking about in the next few comics. Buddhism also has a sense of skepticism, although it is can be a bit anti-intellectual at times. To be honest, the only real problems I have with Buddhism are that I have trouble making time for it, and meditation seems to heighten my anxiety rather than calm it. New Age spirituality, however, has left a lot more scars.

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