April 27th, 2014


A lot of people have told me that I am a courageous person for making comics about being in the hospital.  I don’t really see it as all that courageous.  I only share what I’m comfortable with.  There’s a lot of stuff in my life that I’m too chicken to make comics about, at least for now.  I still have a lot of fears to overcome.


  1. jamie

    Hi Ryan, Thanks for sharing this, and for sharing your experience(s). I find it much easier to communicate with words than in person, and your post resonated with me (as they often do.) I think why I prefer non-verbal communication has a lot to do with fear in verbal / in person situations. (that stems from childhood stuff.) When I write I can be a little more objective and thoughtful – it’s so hard to do that in person…

  2. sonicsuns

    *hugs* At least you can communicate *some* things. And you’ll probably get better with time.

  3. Richard J. Marcej

    You don’t have to write/draw ALL your life moments. I know that when working on my daily diary comics I have to “self-edit” the information that I want to show. And theta’s nothing wrong with that. Just tell the story you want to tell and don’t get hung up about being judged or not. As long as you know that you’re telling the truth you want to tell, that’s all that matters.

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