Nice Guys of OKCupid - pt 2
January 20th, 2013

Nice Guys of OKCupid – pt 2

When I wrote out the initial script for this, I admit that I was mostly reacting to websites like this:

And the complicated thing is… I agree with them.  They all make great points.  I wish I had heard advice like this 25 years ago.  It would have prevented a lot of pain and embarrassment.

I’m not sure the teenage me would have listened though.  That’s what prompted me to make this comic.  To figure out why all this would have just made me more insecure.

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  1. Rebecca

    Well, see, people who date online learn very quickly that they can create any picture of themselves that will most appeal to the opposite sex (or same sex). So, they earnestly try to put their best foot forward, but do not represent who they truly are. So, “nice guys on OK cupid” may or may not be actually nice. Some may be super nice, but socially awkward, plus have a bad history of dating mean people, whereas some of these guys might play nice to get what they want, which is usually sex. There’s no way for a girl to screen the authentically nice guys from the douches who are pretending to be nice. If the girl is a nice girl, she will give both guys a chance and then eventually dump the insincere one (one would hope).

    If the girl is a self-centered bitch, she will probably dump the authentically nice guy and remain with the douche, or find an outwardly douchey douche to be with. Because, essentially, all sh’es really looking for is a douche in the first place. (She’s unaware of this, of course).

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