Bad Person - pt 5
December 26th, 2012

Bad Person – pt 5

Little Buddha’sĀ responseĀ is forthcoming.

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  1. sonicsuns

    “Why not give in, and let fate have her way?”
    Because if Fate wants you to be depressed, then Fate is cruel and she *deserves* to be resisted.

    I mean, what are your options here?
    #1: Try to find happiness, though you might fail and become depressed anyway.
    #2: Give up on happiness and *definitely* become depressed.

    Might as well *try* to find happiness, right? And if some specific method isn’t working, then you should just try another method. There’s no point in giving up *entirely*.

    (I look forward to seeing how much Little Buddha’s advice overlaps with my own.)

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