How to Play White Elephant Bingo
November 25th, 2012

How to Play White Elephant Bingo

White Elephant Bingo is a Thanksgiving tradition in my family.  This year I scored several puzzle sets, a mug, and some chewy candy canes!  Much better than the sexy fireman pillowcase I got last year.


  1. Rebecca

    And I still have that pillowcase at my house! How did it get there??!!?

  2. fluffy

    An interesting twist on the normal White Elephant idea!

    The way I usually see White Elephant done is for N people there are N gifts on the table, and whenever it’s someone’s turn, they can either take one of the already-taken gifts, or they can take a new one (and they unwrap the gift right away). If the person takes someone else’s gift, then that someone else can take a turn instead. So it becomes a really big game of strategy to try to figure out how to get the thing you actually want, or whether to risk getting something new. And of course the game ends when the last gift is taken off the table. (Afterwards, people can trade amongst themselves if they like.)

    To make things a bit more interesting and add even more strategy, usually there’s a rule that no gift can be re-taken more than three times.

  3. Aunt Janet

    Hummm… I made that pillowcase for Amie.
    Love the cartoon!
    Aunt Janet

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