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Events of the Week

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Today’s comic will be posted later this afternoon.  I decided to take a last minute swerve in direction, one which will require some photo referencing.  In the meantime, here are places I will be at:

Nordeast Comic SummitThursday, May 05, 6:00 PM Big Time Attic – Dan Olson will be leading a conversation about table design and etiquette.

Cartoonist Conspiracy JamThursday, May 05, 6:30 Diamonds Coffee Shop – As usual I will be there to draw and talk loudly about ponies.

Art? Opening Reception Friday Friday, May 06,  7:00 Altered Esthetics – One of my minicomics, What’s the Point? , will be on display there.  I’ll be stopping by the opening reception as well.

Cartoonist Open Studio Saturday, May 07, 12:00 AMBook Arts – I will be there this weekend drawing and discussing the season finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with anyone who will listen.


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