This Comic is So Meta

As promised, here is the comic I made for 24-Hour Comic Day (completed in roughly 13 hours).  I used the comic as an exercise to work out some of the angst I’ve been feeling lately.  It’s one of the sloppiest comics I’ve ever made, but it’s also one of the most emotionally honest.


  1. Kevin

    Sage advice.

  2. Bobby B.

    Ryan –

    First of all, congratulations on another 24hr comic. I couldn’t do it, myself.

    Secondly, I really like this comic a lot. I like it for the same reason that I like all of your comics that I like: It’s honest.

    Say what you will about the art or the writing or the sales, Introspective Comics are a continual favorite of mine precisely because they are introspective. They are an honest look at what is going on inside your head, and for better or worse there is something there that reminds me of what’s going on inside MY head.

    It’s no secret that the best stories are ones where you can relate to the person they are happening to. It doesn’t matter if it’s Wolverine, Peter Parker, Neo, Ishmael, Frodo Baggins, or Ryan Dow. If you can sympathize with what the character is thinking, then what they are DOING becomes a less important factor in telling a good story.

    The irony is your existential crisis over what kind of comics you make is exactly why I read the comics you make. Sometimes they’re funny, but most of the time they just make me think. And even if they don’t make me think, they make me feel comfortable, because they are familiar. And that kind of quality is something you really shouldn’t take for granted. Consider it a blessing. And in the end, since Li’l Buddha got the last word, I believe you recognize that, too.

    I hope we get a chance to talk more at I-Con this year. And I hope you’ll have a copy of this comic for me to buy.

    And one more note: I did get a laugh on one panel that said “pot of gold” because as I was reading it for some reason I thought it said “potato god” for a second. Still makes me laugh to think about a potato god at the end of a rainbow.

  3. Jose Gonzalez

    Awesome. Simply awesome, Ryan. This is your comic, and I don’t think anyone can make a comic like yours! Make people think. I believe that’s what your comic is all about, and boy, how it does that!
    You deserve lots of praise. It keeps gets better and better all the time.
    Thanks for sharing this introspective masterpiece.

  4. Ryan Dow

    Thanks, Kevin!

    Thanks for all your comments, Bobby. I haven’t received any confirmation from the Iowa Comic Book Club, but they did cash my check so I assume I’ll get an artist alley table at I-Con. Also, could Leprechaun be considered potato gods?

    Thanks, Jose! I really am getting a lot of positive responses from this.

  5. Athena

    REALLY swell 24 hour comic. Congratulations, sir.
    Your comment about buying comics that are totally different from the comics you make reminded me of a Woody Allen quote. He said something like, “I don’t think I’d be interested in going to see the kind of movies I make,” and that he generally prefers fantastic, escapist, classic Hollywood movies (much like classic, colorful comics).
    I’ve thought about that in regard to my own comics, too. And I’ve never come up with a good answer. I liked what you said about those other kinds of comics having already been made.
    But also…I enjoy Woody Allen movies. And I enjoy your comics. So I guess sometimes you just have to make what comes naturally to you, even if you don’t think you can count yourself amongst its target audience.
    Art is weird. Please keep making it.

  6. Rocky

    Super awesome comic here! I can see how it can/was done in 13 hours. That’s super amazing still… I’m loving the last few pages. Great storytelling, even if a lot of it is self-reflection! :]

    Great work!!!

  7. BubbaShelby

    I love this!

  8. Ryan Dow

    Oh my gosh, so many comments!

    I like the Woody Allen quote, Athena! I’m going to have to remember it.

    Glad you like it, Rocky and Bubba. I just check out your respective sites, and you guys are really good!

  9. Alex

    I love the honesty in your work, and I don’t know that any other art style would make the messages ring so true. I recently finished “The Art Of Failing Buddhism”, and it was really refreshing to find a comic that didn’t hold any pretense and just told it like it is. Thanks for sharing everything, I can’t wait to read more!

  10. Ryan Dow

    Thanks a lot, Alex. I’m glad you liked the book. I’ll try to keep as honest as I can, although I feel the urge to dip into absurdity every once in a while, which isn’t exactly honest.

  11. GeekShowInk

    […] I met Ryan on the local comic con scene a few years back and have been a big fan of his work ever since. This past weekend he took part in the Minneapolis 24 Hour Comic Day and put together what I thought was a Freaking Brilliant comic! […]

  12. Geek Show Ink »

    […] I met Ryan on the local comic con scene a few years back and have been a big fan of his work ever since. This past weekend he took part in the Minneapolis 24 Hour Comic Day and put together what I thought was a Freaking Brilliant comic! […]

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