24-Hour Comic Day 2009

Here is my 24-hr comic for 2009.  The challenge was to build a story using the following random words picked out of a dictionary:

Oboe, Comedienne, Theater, Minoxidil, Clementine

I also used a couple of characters from my childhood.






  1. Jose

    HAH!!!! Great to see a real 24hr comic!
    The story and poses do remind me of your main strip… pretty cool.
    Its always good to see something different as expressed by a known creator’s style… neat! Congrats on the 24hr goal!

  2. Ryan Dow

    Well, there is some contension about whether this is a *real* 24-hr comic as I didn’t use full-sized pages and got it done in 12 hrs, but it was a fun experiment. Anyway, you should be seeing more 24-hr comics coming down the road by other creators (like Diana Nock) soon!

  3. Carrie Robare

    Great comic, Ryan! : ) What a fun and funny way to combine those words together. I’m glad you were able to use some of your older characters so soon after talking about them in one of your strips.

  4. budburgy

    I can’t believe you’ve ALREADY posted this. Awesome.

  5. Ryan Dow

    Thanks, Carrie!

    As for posting it already, I figured I might as well since I was able to get a full night’s sleep.

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