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Sequential Artists’ Pub – The FEAR Edition!

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

The Sequential Artists’ Pub Podcast is available for download.  This week we talked about fears that come from being a cartoonist.


The Process of Making a Page

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Each page I make starts as a panel grid ruled out with a blue line pencil on Bristol board.

Then I add the lettering.  I don’t draw lettering guidelines directly on the page.  Instead, I have a separate piece of Bristol with the guidelines drawn on it.  I place the lettering guide page on a light box, place the comic page on top of it, and letter away.  Here’s the end result:

Then I start penciling in the artwork.

When the pencils are done, I trace over them with a Flair pen.

I thicken the lines by going over them again with the Flair pen, scan the page using Black and White Mode (to remove the blue lights), and make some corrections and spot blacks.

I copy and paste the artwork into a template.  Then, on a separate layer, I draw out rectangles where the panels are going to be, and run the “Stroke Selection” command in Gimp.  This has the unfortunate side of putting the Clearance Carter song “Strokin'” in my head.

Now its time to color.  I mainly use the Paint Bucket fill tool, occasionally filling in the gaps using the pencil tool.  The color layer looks like this:

Then I work on the Shadow layer.  The Shadow layer is semi-transparant layer, usually at 13% opacity.  Dark shadows are laid out in sold black.  Lighter shadows are dark grays.  The Shadow Layer looks like this:

Put it all together and you get this:

Then, for flashback effects, I delete the panel boarders, round the edges arount the panels, and start applying filters.  I use an Artistic filter called Mosiac on the Color and Shadow layers.  I use a Gaussian blur on the ink layer.

Here’s the final work:

All done!  Time to move on to the next page!

Obama Wins

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

So Obama won!  I think this marks the first time a cantidate I voted for won.  I’m releived that the Bush administration will finally be over, but I’m also a little ambilovent.  I mainly voted for Obama not because I expected him to change things (the President only has so much power, or at least he *should* only have so much power) but because he seemed the least likely to make things worse

Take that with a grain of salt as I can be a real idiot when it comes to politics (not watching television or reading the paper can do that to you)

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