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March 11th, 2007

Everyone Else

Another mopey strip. Man, have I got issues. Since the monologue in this strip is rather vague, I’ll elaborate on what I’m trying to say here. When I’m talking about going “off the beaten path,” I’m talking about things like teetotalism and flirtations with vegetarianism. People seem to think that I do these things out of some pious moral reasoning, but I’m really doing them because they make sense to me. I fret about not being normal sometimes, but I know that going against my intuition won’t make me feel better. So, enough whining. I’ll try to make a more uplifting comic next time.


  1. Mentalrunaway

    Hmm I get what you mean. I feel like that too sometimes . Aaaah Life.

  2. Sonicsuns

    For what it’s worth, I don’t drink either.

  3. Ryan Dow

    Turns out there are a lot of us.

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