The Good Things Are Killing Me

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The Good Things Are Killing Me

A talented artist named Nicholas Straight challenged me to make a comic about the good things in my life.  I know this comic doesn’t quite satisfy that challenge, but my next comic will cover one of the positive aspects of conventions and why I do them.

The reason my comics have been negative lately is that dwelling on the positive aspects of my life has been painful for me.  I’m often reminded of how fortunate I am, but the truth is that good fortune has come with a lot of physical and emotional stress.  Some of the best moments of my life have come from tabling at comic conventions, and some of the worst moments have come from traveling to them.  I am very fortunate to have a steady paycheck from my day job, but the challenges from that job can be overwhelming.  Then there is the guilt that comes from realizing that there are a lot of people out there who are worse off than you.

Life became more bearable when I accepted that it kind of sucks.  I stopped looking at the blessings in my life and started the focusing on the challenges I needed to overcome.  The ironic thing is this attitude has made me much happier and lighter in spirit than gritting my teeth while trying to focus on how good my life is.

That said, I am grateful to be taking a break from conventions for a while because they were burning me out.  I need to take some time to rethink how I am doing them.

I know some people will look at the numbers I posted in the last panel and say that I shouldn’t need to spend that much.  It’s true that I have spent less at some conventions by sharing hotel space, table space, and/or crashing on people’s couches, but I’ve only been able to do that for smaller shows.  In those cases, I may save $200, but I end up making $200 less in sales.

If anybody is planning to go to APE or SPX in 2016 or TCAF in 2015 and wants to split a hotel room, e-mail me at ryandow at ryandow dot com.  These are good conventions, but it would be great if I could cut down the travel costs.

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Upcoming Convention Appearances

My schedule has gotten very busy all of a sudden.  I have three upcoming convention appearances.

Small Press Expo 2014


I will be at table M13B at SPX in Bethesda on Sept 13-14!

VegFest 2014


I will have a table at VegFest again this year and will be handing out free copies of my minicomic, Imperfect Vegetarian.  This year it will take place on Sunday, September 28.

Alternative Press Expo


To be honest, I kind of forgot I applied for a table at this convention, but I just found out this weekend that I will have a table there.  Unfortunately, the show is on October 3 and 4, which means I will be missing out on Fallcon this year.  That was poor planning on my part.  That said, I’m really looking forward to going back to San Francisco!



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SpringCon 2014


SpringCon 2014 is this weekend!  I will have a table there!  I’m looking forward to it.

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Fallcon is This Saturday!



I will have a table at FallCon this Saturday.  Hope to see you there!

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I’m still alive

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a comic.  For that, I apologize.  For some reason, August is always the busiest month for me.  The weekends are loaded with events that are difficult to avoid, and on top of that I am preparing for a major move at the end of the month.  Add in a power outage and the Netflix debut of Breaking Bad season 5, and I just haven’t been able to get any comics done.  I’m hoping things will settle down in September.

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Taking a Break

No new comic today.  I’ve been fighting a major case of writer’s block.  In the meantime, you can check out some random doodles I made for Rain Taxi’s Analog Cave experiment.

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